Donating For BewZ DM Server

Donator Status

Want to be a Donating Player on the server?
You can easily be a donating player by donating to the server an amount of money.

- All Donations will help to keep our server running.
- Donations will cover all server's costs (including host,website etc.)

- Donations will not give you more advantages, than, being a Donating Player.
As a Donating Player you will be able to use all Donating Player's Features in game.
Information of server costs and your donating amount will not be made public.
Your Donator status will not be transfered to another account.

Donating levels are based on the amount you donate to the server and are like this:

  • Bronze
  • 5€ - One Time
  • Change Vehicle Color
  • Change Trunks, Hood, Lights
  • Talk In Donating Chat
  • Change Vehicle Wheels
  • Can Enter Special Interiors
  • 100g of Drugs per Spawn
  • 2 AD Pills Per Spawn
  • +2 Score / Kill, Extra Cash
  • Silver
  • 10€ - One Time
  • All Bronze Features
  • Receive 5m in Game Cash
  • Able To Use Skater Skins
  • 300 Grams of Drugs / Spawn
  • 5 AD Pills / Spawn
  • +3 Score / Kill, Extra Cash
  • Avoid Interior Enter Time
  • -
  • Gold
  • 20€ - One Time
  • Bronze,Silver Features
  • Receive 20m in Game Cash
  • Able To Spawn/Tune Vehicle
  • Able To Spawn Jetpack
  • Change Name For Free
  • 500 Grams of Drugs / Spawn
  • 7 AD Pills / Spawn
  • +5 Score / Kill, Extra Cash
  • Ultra
  • 35€ - One Time
  • Bronze,Silver,Gold Features
  • Receive 100m in Game Cash
  • Special Chat With Admins
  • Spawn Minigun (NO AMMO)
  • Can Stay At Donator Hangout
  • 500 Grams of Drugs / Spawn
  • 10 AD Pills / Spawn
  • +5 Score / Kill, Extra Cash

Game Shop

Select The Donator Level or Credits Amount You Want To Buy

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Change Name - 3‎€

If you want to change your game name please complete this!

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Donate Another Amount

If you want to donate another amount of money
or to make monthly donations to keep server running

Please click to this link.

Donate Link

If you have any question about Donation or Monthly Donation please send the question directly to bratva (Forums or Discord)